Nanatsu no Taizai

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Nanatsu no Taizai Episode 8

The Fearsome Pursuer  /  Dubbed


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King petrifies Ban after revealing that Elaine is actually his sister. During another flashback, Ban tries to protect Elaine while confronting a red demon that is destroying the Fairy King’s Forest. However, after Elaine gets hurt, she sacrifices her life by ingesting the Fountain of Youth into Ban to allow him to defeat the red demon. In the present, Holy Knight Guila enters the Capital of the Dead and battles Meliodas and Diane, while Elizabeth and Hawk run away to safety. Elaine, first unseen to King, releases Ban from petrification with a kiss. Ban joins Meliodas and Diane in the battle against Guila, while Elaine tells King to understand Ban and save him. After being informed by Elizabeth and Hawk about the battle that is going on, King executes a surprise attack from behind through Ban to strike Guila.

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